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UHA is a not-for-profit organization

committed to helping 10,000+ distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure by assisting and educating them through the application process to delinquent mortgage companies from start to finish.

Don't wait until the end of forbearance.

Under the CARES Act, for loans backed by FHA or USDA, your lender or loan servicer cannot foreclose on you until after June 30, 2021. (Read more at

Don't wait until these deadlines — know your options for foreclosure avoidance and prepare now.

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As seen on Telemundo

Tony Rivas and United Homes of America were recently featured on Telemundo:

"I could say I’ve lost anywhere between $30,000 - $50,000 trying to get a modification. I was on the brink of possibly losing my home. And then I continued to pay my mortgage, but it wasn’t getting any better for me. And then I said no, I can’t afford to lose my home."

Watch the video to find out how United Homes of America was able to help Diana catch up on her late payments, get mortgage help and avoid losing her home to foreclosure.

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5 Mistakes Homeowners Make

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UHA is a not-for-profit organization.
We are dedicated to helping 10,000 distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure.

About UHA

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In efforts to preserve homeownership across the United States of America, United Homes of America (UHA) was established to assist homeowners facing financial hardship in finding affordable alternatives in order to increase home retention and avoid foreclosure. 

Whether dealing with underwater mortgage, balloon payment mortgage or other high mortgage payments, UHA is dedicated to making homes affordable. We provide loss mitigation options to resolve the situation.

Due to the abundance of homeowners seeking services during the covid-19 pandemic, UHA's services are 100% complimentary and donations are always welcomed. Real Help Is Free and always should be.

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"Tony, founder of United Homes of America, helped us a lot. He saved our house."

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Let us provide financial assistance, honest resources, late payment guidance, repayment plans, and personalized solutions for you. Call 1-800-281-3UHA (3842) or email us at Available from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

We’ll guide you through the various options to provide you with the best outcome for your situation.