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About UHA
Homeownership preservation using education, assistance & service
United Homes of America is committed to helping 10,000 homeowners avoid foreclosure.

In efforts to preserve homeownership across the United States of America, United Homes of America (UHA) was established to assist homeowners facing financial hardship in finding affordable alternatives in order to increase home retention and avoid foreclosure. 

After witnessing countless families lose their homes due to missed or late payments, it was time to intervene with a solution instead of looking away.

Whether dealing with underwater mortgage, balloon payment mortgage or other high mortgage payments, UHA is dedicated to making homes affordable. 

We provide loss mitigation options to begin the road to mortgage relief. From loan modification options to repayment options to the federal program loans, there are a handful of opportunities to consider.

UHA was founded in 2020 by a small group of well-established real estate agents in the DC metropolitan area with a desire to:

Bring national awareness and education to distressed homeowners nationwide who want to avoid foreclosure
Preserve homeownership through consultation, financial assistance, financial services, and self-improvement resources
Guide homeowners through the various options to provide them with the best outcome for their situation

UHA is dedicated to ending the cycle of homeownership affordability issues surrounding the poor choices made when purchasing a home.

Due to the lack of education on the professional level and the consumer side of the transaction, most new and existing homeowners tend to borrow more if not at their maximum borrowing potential.

As a result, this causes a generational financial ripple effect that will last until corrected. This ripple effect will affect the lives of the homeowner and their families.

UHA is a not-for-profit organization. It does not earn profit for its owners but for the operation of the organization itself. Often times, "not-for-profit" is used interchangeably with "nonprofit"; however, there are clear distinctions between the two. 

One major difference is that "nonprofits" must serve the society at large and offer some social benefit through goods or services, while "not-for-profits" don't have the responsibility to assist the public at large but can provide for the needs of its members. Specifically, UHA is focused and dedicated to helping 10,000 distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure.

UHA is devoted to saving 10,000 homes.

Tony Rivas

Founder and President

Location: Sterling, VA 

Mr. Tony Rivas is a licensed Real Estate Agent and the founder and President of United Homes of America (UHA).

His passion and UHA’s vision are to save 10,000 homeowners from foreclosure within the D.C., Maryland & Virginia areas.

Rivas is a homeowner himself, and in the past found it difficult to find honest resources to help educate him on the impacts and options to learn from his financial mistakes and how to avoid foreclosure.

Over 10 years ago, he personally faced foreclosure and sought after truthful resources and assistance to help find affordable alternatives to keep his home. Unfortunately, he discovered little to no hope. After interviewing several professionals and companies locally and nationwide, he realized that empty promises were made and homeowners, like himself, were all facing the same predicament. 

Rivas attempted to save his home, but he, unfortunately, faced foreclosure. He learned valuable insight from his errors, and as a result, in 2011 Rivas began helping homeowners become educated and obtain affordable housing.

To this day, Rivas, together with UHA, has helped save hundreds of homeowners and their families from foreclosure by decreasing their mortgage payments and educating them on how to handle their finances more effectively.

UHA promises to do everything possible to help any homeowner facing foreclosure or any kind of hardship that causes them to not be able to make their mortgage payments. Through strategizing and exercising every available option, foreclosure avoidance and homeownership preservation is possible across the nation.


  • Tony Rivas was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Virginia. He and his wife currently live in Sterling, Virginia with their three beautiful children.

Licenses/ Certificates

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent, 2005

Honors and Awards

  • Northern Virginia Association of Realtors (NVAR)
  • National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) TOP 250
  • #1 Sales Agent Brokerage

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